Three reasons to start a built environment podcast

Bentley & Hayes are storytellers for the built environment, so that means we create both written and audio content for your AEC business. Have you considered adding podcasts to your marketing mix? We think podcasts work really well for architects and engineers, so we’ve recorded some audio, to explain why you need to start one, and more importantly, how we can help you get started.

1. Podcasts are still a growing area in the media

Recent podcasting stats show that listening numbers are rising, despite a slight dip in numbers immediately after the pandemic. With the thousands of blogs and articles on the web and in the specialist and mainstream press, it is sometimes really hard to reach the specific audience you want. By creating a specialist podcast for your business, you can target a really specific audience. And that could be people who specialise in theatre refits, acoustic engineers, or graduates in a specific area of engineering, to name three examples. Podcasting, especially in the built environment, is still not a saturated market, and there’s lots of room for growth. Whatever audio you produce will make an impact, and that puts you ahead of other firms competing for exposure in your industry.

2. You will reach new audiences

Stats show that podcasts have greater reach amongst younger people, with a high proportion of listeners under 35. It’s a great way of reaching different people that don’t necessarily consume traditional forms of mainstream media. For example, they are a great tool for recruitment; you could have your young graduates talking up their work. How about a day in the life of an electrical engineer or BIM technician, or an episode explaining what it’s like to work on site for the first time? Podcasts are a more personal form of media. Having someone talking in your ear directly feels more intimate, so when that graduate or new client listens to your podcast, their connection is more meaningful and should lead to more work or perhaps a job application from your next star architect or engineer.

3. You can communicate your technical expertise to those that matter

What you do in the AEC industry, whether you’re an architect, an engineer, technician, town planner or developer is both technical and really interesting. It has a huge impact both on the project you’re working on now, and built environment projects in the future. You know, this, your boss knows this, and we know this. But being able to communicate this technical work to a mainstream audience in a way that grabs the attention of the people you need, whether that is suppliers, clients, new graduates or just other people working in your field is invaluable. The podcast format really works well when complicated projects or activities are explained clearly and passionately by those working on them.


Jenny and I can make this happen. Together we can decide on the topics you want to cover and who you want to be interviewed. Leave the rest of us. We will record interviews, do a professional edit, and publish your podcasts wherever you want them publicized. Victoria can host it by asking the questions, steering the conversation, and then either edit herself in or out. If you want, we can train one of your team to be the interviewer; it’s totally up to you.

We can also manage your podcast on a longer-term basis by keeping the content rolling, and the downloads coming in. Most importantly, we can track the stats that show that your new podcast is really having an impact where you want it to.

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